Turn your Twitter bookmarks into knowledge digests

Zero friction Twitter curation tool that streamlines the way you consume information from bookmarks. Schedule it as a digest by topics, or even sync it to Notion.

"My Twitter bookmarks are a hot mess. Tweetsmash not only helped me organize them neatly but also review them as an email digest. Plus the Notion sync feature is masterclass."


"Most of the times I forget to read what I bookmarked on Twitter. Tweetsmash helps me schedule the digest and organize bookmarks better.Highly recommended for anyone who bookmarks a lot of tweets"

Harsh Makadia

Streamlineyour information consumption workflow

Streamline your content inspirations

Set recipe filters to analyze writing styles of your favorite authors or for the topic you are interested in

Example recipes for content inspirations

Turn your bookmarks into newsletters

more possibilities to organize your learnings

Time to read
30 mins
5 mins2 hours

Prepare digestwith how-much to read from organized tweets

Reading on a coffee break ? or doing long reads on weekends? Mash creates a digest with what to read from the tweets you organized and how much to read from your preferred reading time.


"Tweetsmash is a zero friction Twitter curation tool. I just save tweets to bookmarks, and they will appear in my inbox at my scheduled content creation time. Tweetsmash is simple, but a beast when used right."

Prashant Pillai
Content Creator, Modern Musicpreneur

Sync curated tweets to your knowledge base apps


"Organizing and finding Twitter bookmarks before Tweetsmash was terrible and time consuming. Now that I sync all my Twitter bookmarks to Notion,I never have to endlessly scroll and CMD+F to find the bookmarked tweet I'm looking for. Highly recommended to any twitter power user!"

Eric Allam
Maker - APIHero.run

Organize, search & manage bookmarks with ease

Read threads with in-built thread reader

Bookmarked replies are grouped

Group Replies

Read in Mobile with PWA

PWA support

Organize with Labels


More options to search easily


Build your information consumption workflow from Twitter Bookmarks

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